Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Words Are Just Too Sacred


is never a good word to be used
in love.

do not reassure her with words interlaced with
‘always’. she will be soothed and appear to be assuaged but
it will be a word that would come back to haunt you
like a bloodhound. it will sniff you out years later,
aroused by the dwindling affection you feel for her, the
utter dissatisfaction and insipid detachment in your relationship.
and it will devour you.

i will always love you,
will become the most fearsome boogeyman
under your bed and in your closet.


is for the use of immortals.
there are people who understand love (these are the immortals)
and there are people who vaguely grasp it, but are
too afraid or too ignorant to penetrate it
further. to delve deep into its core, and yet
never lose sight of the starting point,
to never forget what your heart might have forgotten.

and even then,
it must be a word that can only be written; it must never be spoken,
for the spoken word, even when whispered, can be devastating.

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